As a shareholder and German member of the AVIA Group and AVIA International, BANTLEON derives part of its revenue from selling fuel oil, gas and heating, and focuses mainly on solving problems. Its clients benefit from custom packages, resulting in higher efficiency and durability.

Ideas, Systems and Solutions, the Hermann Bantleon GmbH Company focuses on client’s needs and it is also highly committed to quality and environment. Amongst its clients, major global players can be named: Volkswagen, Bosch-Rexroth, Heidelberg, Schuler, Continental, Liebherr, Zeiss, Gühring, Komet, Herrenknecht, Vulkan, amongst many others.

Since 2011, Lubrisint invested in a joint venture with Hermann Bantleon GmbH, representing its high quality products in Brazil, as well as providing support to global clients with operations in Brazil.


Metapress Line

Press oil and metal conformation.


Metacool Line

High performance soluble lubricants for cooling and machining.

Metacon Line

Machining and cutting integral oils.

Protective and Antioxidant Line

Special Product Line

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