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The AVIA Group is composed by 85 companies today. It constantly updates and adapts to the circumstances, guaranteeing quality and continuity of its product, guaranteeing its market share in the lubricant and fuel industry. AVIA Partners, which are legally and economically independent, sovereignly decide their own business policies.

Its size confers great flexibility, allowing for quick decision making and custom client contact, using high technology and permanent and operational technical services, offering its clients all the advantages from an international brand, access to markets all over the globe and safety guarantee in doing business with advantageous conditions.

Marketing campaigns in common and structured sales promotions allows synergy optimization amongst all companies within the group. Each associate is also a member of the AVIA National Organization, in the respective country. AVIA International, with headquarters located in Switzerland, coordinates activities throughout the world, ensuring information diffusion and respect for the company’s image and brand globally.

Lubrisint is a member of the AVIA International Group since 2011.

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