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Liebherr is a leading world Group in the civil construction and mining equipment industry, known worldwide as a technically demanding supplier in several business areas. Present in over 50 countries, in all continents, divides its activity into 11 distinctive areas: Earth Moving, Concrete Technology, Tower Cranes, Mining, Mobile Cranes on Tracks and Wheels, Maritimes Cranes, Tooling Machinery, Components, Aerospace and Transportation Technology, Household, Commercial and Hotel Products. In 2014, the Group had over 40.000 employees all over the world and had an income of almost € 9 billion.

Liebherr came to Brazil in 1974, in order to produce maritime cranes. Throughout the years, the company has modified its product portfolio and today has two factories in Guaratinguetá (State of São Paulo), Liebherr Brasil Ltda and Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil Ltda.

Liebherr Brasil is one of the few companies which manufacturers equipment in more than one business division within the Group: Earth Moving, Concrete Technology, Tower Cranes and Maritime Canes. Further from manufacturing such equipment, Liebherr has sales and post-sales teams to support all other business fronts within the Group. Liebherr has even a Training Center, built in 2012 in its factory, with almost 3.000 square meters and capacity to train and educate 2.500 students per year. In May 2015, Lubrisint received the concession to manufacture and resell Liebherr original lubricant line in territorial Brazil.


Liebherr Motoroil 10W40

Engine oil with 500 hours change interval, instead of 250 hours from similar products available in the market.

Liebherr Motoroil 10W40 Low Ash

Motor oil with a particle filter and decrease in gas emission, with a 500 hour change interval.

Liebherr Hydraulic Basic 37

Multi-grade hydraulic oil HVI with stable viscosity, created to be used in winches and cranes, suitable to be used for up to 4.000 operating hours or 4 years without oil analysis, and up to 6.000 hours of operation or 6 years with analysis.

Liebherr Hydraulic Plus

ISO VG46 Polyalphaolefins (PAO) based high performance Hydraulic oil, no ashes, biodegradable.

Liebherr Hydraulic Basic 68 BRA

Hydraulic oil that can be used for up to 4.000 operating hours or 4 years without oil analysis, and up to 6.000 operating hours or 6 years with analysis, instead of 2.000 hours from similar products in the market.

Liebherr Hydraulic Basic 100 BRA

Hydraulic oil ISO VG100, efficiently reduces repulsion and elastic hysteresis specially for low sliding speeds and precise adjustment, other than possessing good elastomeric compatibility.

Liebherr Gear 90LS

Limited slip oil for axle transmissions with limited slip differential and phosphor content above 2000, according to the specification on the manual, and with change intervals above 1.000 hours.

Liebherr Gear Hypoid 90EP

High pressure oil for axle transmissions, good stability to aging and constant quality performance. It contributes to a long lifespan to all components.

Liebherr Syntogear Plus 75W90

Totally synthetic (PAO) transmission oil with excellent stability during aging and excellent work performance due to viscosity and temperature.

Liebherr Hydraulic Gear ATF

With a SAE 5W20 viscosity, this oil is speacially appropriate for automatic speed boxes and hydraulic crane systems. Appropriate for speed boxes and transmission of load shovels with a 2 year change interval.

Liebherr Gear PG 220

High power completely synthetic gear oil, polyglycol base, suitable for high load components, specially used for pumps transfer boxes in LIEBHERR cranes.

Liebherr Antifreeze OS Mix

Ethylene-glycol based ready-to-use refrigerant with added silicate, it protects against corrosion, and cavitation, overheating, freezing and it can be used for up to 6.000 hours.

Grease Liebherr Universalfett 9900

It’s a lubricating grease with VCI based technology containing Teflon particles and other synergetic added elements, it contains a special lithium complex, it also has a high-performance wielding load above 6.000 N (600 kg.m/s2), which has contact stability, strong adherence it is aging and water resistant. Used for universal lubrication of machines and building equipment, as well as rotating crowns bearings, bolts, cogwheels, shafts, screws, pins etc.

Grease Liebherr Zahnradschutz RHY

It is an aluminum based graffiti mass, high pressure. With adhesive added elements that form a protection film and allow low rotation operations and maintain an excellent contact between gear teeth. The paste is water resistant and it has a wielding load 7.000N.

Liebherr Teleskopfett 9613

Lubricant with high adherence to plastic, reduced adherence to torque, extremely low friction coefficient and eutectoid combination of substances for permanent lubrication, ideal to be used in telescopic arms and mobile cranes. The “Anti-Stick-Slip” equipment prevents repulsion even under wet operating conditions.

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