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SAITO ENGENHARIA E TECNOLOGIA DE LUBRIFICAÇÃO was founded in order to supply an existing shortage in the market, such as: deficiency in professional formation on the subject, lack of specialized professionals, sector abandonment in companies and lack of interest by companies. Composed by professionals that deeply understand current difficulties and deficiencies, both technically and on the field, and proposes to perform a simple work with knowledge, innovation and boldness, using the synergy between supplier and client as a result potentiation factor. SAITO TECNOLOGIA has reinvented new forms to tackle and solve problems, enabling as well, proper training of all professionals involved.

Well-performed lubrication activity today, without a doubt, provides major costs reductions in equipment maintenance, with increased reliability, quality, availability and protection to the environment.

Equipment to which we refer to may be: maritime (vessels, tow-boats, speed boats, yachts), mobile (trucks, buses, tractors, including off-road vehicles), industrial (chemical, steel plants, mining, paper, energy, oil and gas), etc.

Cost reductions can reach 30% in maintenance costs.

Saito Tecnologia e Engenharia de Lubrificação

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