Lubrisint - Graxas, Óleos Sintéticos e Linha Bantleon


Greases – Lubrigrease Line

Special synthetic lubricating grease, with additives and food service line.

Application: Food Industry (food grade) and locations in which special lubricants are required, due to equipment exposure to extreme operation conditions.

Industrial Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, and Food Grade Oils – Lubrisint® Line

Industrial Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, and Food Grade Oils with Additives for Special Lubrication.

Application: Hydraulic systems, compressors, reducers and lubrication of machinery in general. Integral and soluble fluids for machining.

Ecological and Biodegradable Degreasers - Desquim Line

Chemical alkaline, acid and liquid soluble or powder degreasers, emulsifiable solvents, biodegradable, ecological and food grade.

Application: Industrial parts, equipment and flooring degreasing and cleaning.

Mineral Oil for Air Compressors - Lubrimaq Line

Industrial mineral lubricants, hydraulic oil and lubricating oils.

Application: Gear boxes, reducers, compressors, guides and buses.

Paint Remover, Removers and Phosphatizing – Remoquim Line

Removers, chemical strippers and phosphatizing for carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal.

Application: Carbon deposits and isolating varnish removal. Liquid or pasty chemical strippers for vinyl, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane or synthetic enamels base, and chemical strippers in general.

Releasing Agents - Lubrimold Line

Releasing Agents with and without silicon.

Application: For rubber and plastic parts and aluminum and zamac injection, including silicon free.

Aerosol - AE Line

Aerosol complete product line.

Application: Lubrication of hard to access locations.

Lubricant and Protective Oils – Bantleon Line

Special and high performance industrial lubricant, produced with European technology.

Application: High performing machinery lubrication, machining and protective oils.

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