Lubrisint - Produtos - Aerosóis (Linha AE)

AE Line

Complete aerosol product line to facilitate application in hard to access locations. Contains degreasers, food grade oil and grease, special oil and grease, electric contact cleaner, anti-spill, releasing agent and graphite.

Lubrigrease RL-17/AE

Food degree liquid grease.

Lubrigrease MP-2000/AE

Liquid grease with molybdenum disulfide for chains, gears, sliding surface cables.

Lubrigrease MP-1000/AE

Liquid grease.

Lubrisint LB/AE

Food grade silicon oil, humidity repellant.

Lubrisint Neutroil/AE

Food grade oil.

Lubrisint Penetrate FG/AE

Food grade degreaser.

Lubrisint Penetrate/AE


Lubrisint CTF/AE-SUPER

High adhesion oil for chains and gears.

Desquim Limpa Contatos/AE-SUPER (Electric Contact Cleaner)

Non-flammable electric contact cleaner.

Remoquim Anti-Respingo/AE


Lubrimold AE/CS

Releasing agent with silicon.

Lubrimold AE/SS

Releasing agent without silicon.

Lubrimaq GR/AE

Graphite spray.

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