AE Line

Complete aerosol product line to facilitate application in hard to access locations. Contains degreasers, food grade oil and grease, special oil and grease, electric contact cleaner, anti-spill, releasing agent and graphite.

Lubrigrease RL-17/AE

Food degree liquid grease.

Lubrigrease MP-2000/AE

Liquid grease with molybdenum disulfide for chains, gears, sliding surface cables.

Lubrigrease MP-1000/AE

Liquid grease.

Lubrisint LB/AE

Food grade silicon oil, humidity repellant.

Lubrisint Neutroil/AE

Food grade oil.

Lubrisint Penetrate FG/AE

Food grade degreaser.

Lubrisint Penetrate/AE


Lubrisint CTF/AE-SUPER

High adhesion oil for chains and gears.

Desquim Limpa Contatos/AE-SUPER (Electric Contact Cleaner)

Non-flammable electric contact cleaner.

Remoquim Anti-Respingo/AE


Lubrimold AE/CS

Releasing agent with silicon.

Lubrimold AE/SS

Releasing agent without silicon.

Lubrimaq GR/AE

Graphite spray.

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