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Desquim Line

Products for cleaning and maintaining equipment. Chemical alkaline, acid and soluble liquids or powder degreaser. Food grade emulsifiable solvents.

Desquim Alcapó 301

Alkaline degreaser powder used for degreasing ferrous metals, 6% solution at a temperature of 70/80 °C or in colder temperatures at 10% concentration in water. Immersion time should vary according to oil to be removed.

Desquim Alcapó 308

Alkaline degreaser powder used in degreasing of aluminum and respective alloys in an aqueous solution of 6% at a temperature of 70/80 ° C, checking time required for perfect degreasing.

Desquim Alcaliquid 319

Alkaline degreasing liquid concentrate can be diluted up to 15 parts in water. Used as a multipurpose degreaser, mainly in machinery and equipment, floors and shelves. After setting optimal dilution, may be applied cold or at temperatures up to 50 ° C by dipping, spraying, brushing or scrubbing.

Desquim Concentrate

Non-toxic and biodegradable concentrated degreaser. Suitable for cleaning supermarket floors, shops and restaurants, dilute up to 50 parts in water. Also, suitable for cleaning walls, plastic floors, bus interiors, bus and train stations, diluted in up to 40 parts in water.

Desquim Limpa Bags

Alkaline degreaser, designed to solve cleaning of industrial containers (bags) used to transport raw materials for the food industry. When used in washing machines, use 10% of the product for the total water amount used by the machine. Once does not create foam, can be used by spraying.

Desquim Acid 620

Two-stage degreaser, acid pH, used to clean metal, equipment and industrial flooring. Can be applied cold or at temperatures up to 60ºC, may be diluted from 5 to 20 parts in water. It can be applied by immersion, spilling (for floors) or scrubbing. As it has two stages, has to be slightly agitated before removing from packaging. After diluted, it does not separate.

Desquim DSH

Synthetic degreaser with high detergency power suitable for cleaning hydraulic systems, air compressors and heat systems. Use 10% of the cleaner on the current oil volume in the system for about 3 hours. Afterwards, check that the system is completely clean, otherwise, repeat the operation. After the system is completely clean, fully discharge and supply the system with new oil.

Desquim Emulsifiable

Emulsifiable degreasing, acts emulsifying all the dirt from oil and grease, dragging it on removal. Used for removing oil and bituminous grease in millings gears and industrial floors, garages, workshops, cleaning trucks, agricultural machinery, chassis combustion of general cargo vehicles.

Application: Apply cold by immersion or spraying. After a few minutes, the surface is ready to be removed with a water spray or compressed air.

Desquim Emulsifiable 426

Emulsifiable solvent degreaser dissolves and emulsifies all dirt. Used in cleaning workshop floors, spare parts, agricultural equipment, vehicle chassis, etc. Apply the product, wait it react and blast water or compressed air to remove dirt.

Desquim SS-10

Degreaser for electric motors. Non-toxic, biodegradable, does not attack insulating varnish; has low conductivity (high dielectric strength), recovers engines without need for kilns. Removes moisture inaccessible from points.

Used for cleaning electric motors, electrical panels and electric equipment in general.

Pulverize or spray product non-diluted, without shutting down the engine and, after clean, blast with air so no dirt residues remain; may also be cleaned by soaking and after, blasting with air. We recommend after performing the cleaning operation, to waterproof the engine with our LUBRIMAQ SS-15 product that will bring great benefits to the equipment.

Desquim SS-51

Synthetic non-toxic solvent, biodegradable, for general cleaning.

Used for cleaning air cooling system in food and pharmaceutical industry, both inside and outside equipment. Used pure as it presented, should be allowed to air dry or dry with compressed air.

Desquim Inox (Stainless Steel)

Alkaline degreaser developed to clean stainless steel. Must be applied pure, by immersion or pulverization.

Desquim Máquina 400

Synthetic degreaser for cleaning lathes and machining centers, internal and external cleaning of equipment. Dilute 5 to 10% of the product in water and let it run through the machine until complete incrustation removal. Remove all dirt and let clean water run through the system to rinse.

Desquim Azulão (Desquim Deep Blue)

Concentrated biodegradable shampoo used to wash cars, airplanes, buses, trucks, trailers, etc. Cleans all painted parts without staining paint, even if such is under sunlight. May be diluted in up to 100 parts in water.

Desquim Ativado (Activated Desquim)

Used to clean aluminum truck trailers, wheels and vehicle chassis. Must not be used on painted parts. May be diluted in up to 100 parts in water.

Desquim Solunew/ALB

Alkaline liquid degreaser for engines and truck chassis. May not be used in vehicles’ painted parts.

May be diluted from 5 to 20% in water.

Desquim Chassis II

Alkaline degreaser and emulsifiable solvent for heavy duty cleaning in general and, mainly, to clean the fifth wheel and vehicle chassis that operate in off-road environments.

Use pure and afterwards, rinse with water. Do not let spill over painted parts.

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