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Lubrigrease Line

Special greases with synthetic base, mineral base, semi-synthetic base with additives and food grade. Ideal for bearings, bushings, pins and whichever work condition situation, from the most severe up to the most specific (with high temperature, high rotation, humidity) and for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Lubrigrease AL-30

Colorless synthetic grease, odorless, non-toxic, food grade for lubrication and sealing for low operational conditions (-50ºC à 320ºC) without altering its consistency. Repels humidity, vapor, acid and alkaline solutions.

Application: Suitable for freezing tunnels, girofreezer, chains, bushings and bearings at extreme low temperatures, conveyor belts, valve lubrication and sealing, faucets, steam pressure regulating valves and sealing rubber in cold chambers and freezing tunnels.

Lubrigrease ALT-5

Synthetic grease, non-toxic and odorless, food grade.

Application: suitable for lubricating equipment pieces where there is a need for clear lubricants, for example, in food, pharmaceutical and textile industries, in packaging machinery, bottling machines, household devices, microscopes, gauges, recorders and precision equipment. Possesses high adherence and resists high loads.

Lubrigrease ALT-5/B

Synthetic grease, non-toxic and odorless, food grade.

Application: suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry, where there is a need for clear lubricants, due to possible contamination with the product. Possesses excellent adherence, high EP resistance. Its composition offers several application possibilities in smooth bushings, endless worms, guides, sealing rings; provides acute friction reduction due to additives.

Lubrigrease MP-1000/ESP

Lubricating grease with lithium soap base, mainly characterized by anti-oxidizing and anti-corrosion protection. Has high adherence power to surface and great resistance to water and vapor.

Application: Suitable for lubricating bearings, gears and smooth bushings, pins, rollers, articulations, joints and several components, when its necessary extended duration and resistance to loads and higher temperatures.

Lubrigrease MP-1001/2

General use grease with thickened mineral oil.

Lubrigrease MP-1002/2

General use grease with thickened mineral oil, EP Additive and Graphite.

Lubrigrease MP-3000/ZN-SUPER

Grease suitable for steel cables due to its additives, supports high loads and increases working life of cables due to its lubricating properties, extreme pressure, anti-corrosion protection, conferring cathodic protection to the applied location.

Avilub Lubrigrease MR-500/2

Light beige synthetic grease, odorless, non-toxic, food grade composed by silicone and synthetic oil, suitable to lubricate bearings and bushings in exhaust fans, kilns and driers exposed to high temperatures and humidity. In rollers, in pelletizer, increases in up to 90 hours the relubrificating interval, reducing lubricant consumption up to 30 times.

Lubrigrease MR-501/2

Grease for rollers and bushings subjects to high temperature and aggressive environment, with silicone base and with Molybdenum disulfide additive.

Lubrigrease MR-503/3

Clear synthetic grease, odorless, non-toxic. Used for lubrication and male valve sealing in oil refineries and chemical industries, rings, needles, rollers and spheres from machinery guides for Kettenstuhl and Rachel, guide box tracks, round and straight machinery wires, lubrication and sealing of pressure and vapor regulating rods, lubrication of Steelfles couplings.

Application: over O-Rings and other mounts, aids assembly, reducing friction.

Lubrigrease MR-508/3

Silicon and graphite base grease, resistant to high loads and temperature, in aggressive environments.

Lubrigrease MR-510/2

Silicon and Lithium base grease for bearings, bushings and rollers, proper for high temperature and aggressive environment.

Lubrigrease Neutroil FG-2

White synthetic grease, odorless, non-toxic, food grade composed by synthetic oil and thickeners, to lubricate rollers and bushings in several equipment, to for general lubrication and in exhaust fans, kilns and driers subject to temperature and humidity.

Application: Much used by Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry and where a Food Grade (H-1) lubricant is required.

Lubrigrease RL-15/2

Protective degreasing conductive synthetic grease, with colloidal copper additive, for lubricating switches, ignition switches, relay, solenoid, circuit breakers, starters, ammeters, thermostats, rheostats and sliding contacts.

Lubrigrease RL-16/2

Anti-greasing synthetic grease for temperatures up to 1100 ° C, for assembly and disassembly of nuts and bolts, with colloidal copper, graphite and lithium additive.

Lubrigrease RL-17/2

Synthetic grease, non-toxic and odorless, food grade for lubricating ball bearings, rollers, needles, gears, low and medium speed. By having a silicone base, it presents high resistance to moisture and works in temperatures as low as -60 ° C.

Lubrigrease RL-20/3

Clear synthetic grease, non-toxic, food grade for lubricating bearings, fans, exhaust fans and electric motors that are subjected to high temperatures (above 300 ° C).

Lubrigrease UP-1022/2

Water repellent synthetic grease, with disulfide molybdenum and lithium additive, used in bearings up to 3,500 rpm, bearings, wheel hubs, CV, industrial fans bearing. Used in harsh environments with moisture, dust, and chemical products. It has durability 9-10 times higher than conventional lubricants, providing greater lubrication intervals.

Lubrigrease UP-1023/2

Water repellent and anti-adherent Grease, silicon base with disulfide molybdenum and lithium additive, for chain lubrication in order to replace lubricating oil.

Lubrigrease UP-1400/2

Food-grade water repellent grease for lubrication of equipment in contact with aggressive media such as water, humidity, dust and chemicals. Possesses excellent resistance to pressure, is indicated for bearings, bushings and special lubrication, such as conveyor chains. Due to its characteristics, easily penetrates links of chains, providing excellent resistance to high loads once it contains PTFE in its formulation.

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