Lubrisint - Óleos Minerais para Compressores de Ar

Lubrimaq Line

Complete line of mineral oil lubricants with great capability to separate from water for air compressors, bolts or alternatives and hydraulic systems. Prevent formation of varnish and oxidation in piping.

Lubrimaq SS-15

Protective and repels humidity, used in waterproofing electric engines and primary cabins, avoiding short circuits and increasing the equipment operating life. Possesses high dielectric strength (above 30.000 Volts).

Used to recover electrical equipment affected by flooding. Excellent for electrical equipment working in humid environments, exposed to salty air or dust.

Lubrimaq Hidráulico Lubrificante (Lubrimaq Hydraulic Lubricant)

Mineral oil for hydraulic system with anti-ware, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidizing and anti-foaming additives, providing maximum operating life for pumps and sealing components. Manufactured in viscosities from 10 cSt up to 680 cSt.

Lubrimaq Redutor EP (Lubrimaq EP Reducer)

Lubricating mineral oil for gear boxes, reducers, simple bushings and bearings, which operate with heavy loads. Manufactured with viscosities from 10 cSt up to 680 cSt.

Lubrimaq Compressor

mineral lubricating oils with good capability to separate from water, for housings and compressors. Possesses excellent anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foaming characteristics; high chemical stability; high flash point; carbonaceous residues are low hardness and easy to remove; keeping exhaust valves and discharge pipes of the compressors free from oxidation.

Manufactured with viscosities from 22 cSt at 40ºC up to 460 cSt at 40ºC.

Lubrimaq GHIA

Lubricants for guides and buses for tooling machinery.

Visc. cSt a 40ºC 65 210 290
Visc. cSt a 100ºC 10 19 25

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