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Remoquim Line

Removal of carbon deposits and insulating varnishes. Paint Removers in liquid or paste for general paints. Ideal for carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Also for recovery of painted parts, rusty hooks and plates.

Remoquim Fosfades 4

Degreaser, chemical stripper and phosphatizing of carbon steel parts, turning iron oxide into ferrous phosphate, leaving the piece ready for painting, providing greater adhesion of the paint film. Using it hot or cold, rubbing or soaking diluted in up to 04 parts in water.

When the part or piece is too contaminated with oil or grease, it is advisable to pre-degrease with DESQUIM ALCALIQUID 319 in order not to saturate the solution. When the parts are not painted immediately after the operation, it is recommended to add additives to the water for the last washing cycle with LUBRIVITE HYDRO 10 PROT/M, so the parts won’t become yellowish.

Remoquim Fosfades 7

Degreaser, chemical stripper and phosphatizing of carbon steel parts, acting as an improved degreaser in comparison to REMOQUIM FOSFADES 4 and less capabilities for stripping and phosphatizing, however, it is applied in the same manner.

Remoquim T-202/L

Chemical stripper, passivating and polish for copper, brass and zinc. Using the product diluted in up to 3 parts in water, by simple immersion in cold.

Remoquim 37

Chemical stripper for ferrous metals with passivated acid reaction, which minimizes attack to metal. In addition to removing all of the iron oxide from ferrous metals, removes all mill debris from laminated metal. It may be diluted up to 2 parts in water.

Remoquim Clinox AL

Polishing chemical stripper specially developed for aluminum parts general cleaning. Since it does not attack the paint, provides a sleek and glossy finish without leaving scratches or stripes. Apply the product on the surface, diluted up to 10 parts in water, leaving it to act for 02 to 04 minutes, and washing with water afterwards.

Remoquim Clean Super

Polishing chemical stripper for cleaning aluminum and stainless steel parts, provides glossy finish without stains. Can be used pure or diluted in up to 10 parts in water. Apply on the surface leaving to react for 02 to 04 minutes, washing with plenty of water.

Remoquim Dec

Chemical stripper and weld debris remover for stainless steel, without attacking metal base. Use it pure product by immersion and wash with water afterwards. After use, is recommended to passivate the parts with REMOQUIM PASSIVADOR.

Remoquim Passivador (Passivation)

Passivation product for stainless steel, used after chemical stripping, allowing for longer protection. Used pure by immersion for 3 minutes.

Remoquim Dec Pasta

Chemical stripper and weld debris remover for stainless and carbon steel. Used for parts that, given its size, cannot be immersed. Easily removes dirt from welds. Apply with spatula over weld dirt and, after a few minutes, remove the paste with steel brush or spatula and clean with water.

Remoquim 415/8

Liquid paint remover, non-flammable, used to remove epoxy, polyurethane and vinyl paint, chlorinated rubber, primers and rejected painted parts, in hooks, painting accessories, etc. Use by immersion for a few minutes. Has water seal to avoid evaporation.

Remoquim 415/44

Liquid paint remover, non-flammable, different from REMOQUIM 415/8 by having a paraffin seal to avoid evaporation.

Remoquim 416/2

Paste paint remover, non-flammable, used to remove epoxy, polyurethane and vinyl paint in parts that cannot be immersed. Applied with spatula or brush, wait a few minutes and remove paste with water blast.

Remoquim 416/300

Paste paint remover, non-flammable, to remove paint from floors.

Remoquim Descarbonizante 35

Decarbonization agent used cold or heated at 60ºC. Decarbonizes electric engines, pistons, cylinder heads and remaining automotive and industrial accessories. Used by immersion in pure product, until complete decarburization; let drain and blast with pressurized water.

Remoquim Descarbonizante II

Alkaline decarburization agent used cold for food industries, to remove carbonized sugar or juices. Use pure by immersion until complete removal of carbonization residue.

Remoquim Clenestrip CA

Acidic reaction product, used for internal cleaning of carbon steel heat exchangers and vaporizers. For heat exchanger plates, dilute 1:4 in water and leave immersed until total incrustation removal. For vaporizers, dilute 1:9 in water and leave immersed until total incrustation removal. Whenever possible, make liquid circulate at 80ºC, diluting the solution at 2%, obtaining a faster and more efficient cleaning.

Remoquim Anti Incrustante I

Aqueous solution of a non-toxic polymer which prevents incrustation in vaporizers. Multiple effect in sugar industry, preventing incrustation inside pipes from the vaporizing system. It is recommended to be used into the vapor system liquid. Doses are recommended by our Technical Department.

Remoquim Anti Incrustante II

Non-toxic product that prevents formation of incrustations in vaporizers in the sugar industry and drinkable water system. Product is dosed from 1 to ppm in dry base and from 5 to 20 ppm in liquid base. Each ppm of the product, maintains suspension of 200 ppm of Ca/Mg.

Remoquim Anti Respingo

Anti-weld spill synthetic liquid, silicon free. Apply pure product on nozzles, contact nib and on plates. Removal performed by rinsing once it’s soluble in water.

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