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Lubrimold Product Line

Produced with or without silicon, to be applied in injected plastic, metallic or rubber parts, aluminum foundries and concrete molds. Facilitate releasing from mold, contributing to increased productivity.

Lubrimold M-1

Synthetic release agent for concrete parts, preventing incrustations in molds. Can be used in plastic, metal forms, wood and steel tubes for columns or piles. Its yield varies from 20 to 36m² / liter.

Lubrimold M-2

Synthetic release agent for concrete molds, helping the demount process; does not stain concrete, providing a fast reuse of concrete molds. Its yield varies from 20 to 36m² / liter.

Lubrimold M-45

Silicon-free releasing agent, containing anti-corrosive agent for aluminum parts and alloys, for pressurized injecting machinery. May be diluted in the proportion of 30 to 120 parts in water and afterwards, may be pulverized over mold.

During work commencement, with a cold mold, it is advisable to apply the product pure.

Lubrimold M-35

Synthetic releasing agent with additives with silicone emulsion, used to demold rubber artifacts. May be diluted in up to 35 parts of water (3%).

Lubrimold M-37

Silicon base releasing agent, used to release injected plastic parts. May be used as anti-adhesion and anti-static and in whichever application with sliding requirement. May be used pure.

Lubrimold M-SS

Synthetic silicone free releasing agent to be used in releasing parts or as anti-adhesion and sliding where it is forbidden to use silicon, in other words, in parts and pieces which shall be posteriorly painted.

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